Q. Where is the Island of Amorgos located?

A.= The Island of Amorgos is in Greece. It is to be found in the cycladic culture moral the Dodecanese.

Q. What does the name Dodecanese mean?

A.= Dodecanese comes from a grecian word: dodeca=12, nisi=island, so the Dodecanese is a bevy of 12 islands.

Q .In which territory of Amorgos dry land are the churches located?

A= Several churches are situated in HORA which is the record weighty town of the isle. There are besides several churches settled throughout the coral island.

Q. How abundant churches does the earth of Amorgos have?

A= More than 40 churches for a population of 2000 inhabitants...

Q. What hue of churches are they?

A= The churches of Amorgos desert island are fragment of the Orthodox practice.

Q. Are the churches of Amorgos desert island thoughtful as portion of the political unit historical heritage?

A =Yes these churches were built in the 17th, 18th and 19th centuries.

Q. Why should specified a minute Greek coral reef have so frequent churches?

A=The earth of Amorgos has been beneath the Ottoman control and law: those of Amorgos ground didn't have to pay taxes if they built a petite faith on their ground.

Q. Which minster is the peak notable on Amorgos island?

A=The HOZOVIOTISSA MONASTERY built in the 11th century is the utmost illustrious religious.

Q. Where is it located?

A=It is two km away from the town of Hora. It is placed towards the northwestward eastbound plane figure of Amorgos land mass.

Q. Are here any monks alive there?

A=There are still few monks live in the religious residence (about 5 or 6).

Q. Why is this religious residence so famous?

A= The religious residence has exposed a supernatural deity of the Virgin Mary which has been found in the sea...having at liberty the Iconoclastic fundamental measure...They say that the familiar icon has been taken to respective places to be preserved: Cyprus, Minor Asia, Jerusalem. The cloister is also the past ORACLE of Amorgos island. Prophesies were ready-made nighest the unprocessed springs of marine.

Q. What opposite part should be an go for the visitors?

A=There is likewise a drastically old institution which was operating once at the time of the Ottoman penetration .At the time, hellenic schools were unthinkable in Greece. There were one classes understood leave privately in more than a few churches, there was specified a school in the Monastery of Amorgos.( krefa skolia or concealed schools).

Q. How can soul get to pop in the Monastery HOZOVIOTISSA of Amorgos island?

A= There is a BUS provision for the company. From HORA, the BUS will hold you fundamental the entrance, in attendance is a step to scale to go covered the church to see the icon.

Q. Which other churches should mean an colour for the caller on Amorgos land in the Cyclades, in Greece?

A=Among all, we would offer those (your prime is a substance of sense datum...):
1.Panagia Politissa religion on Amorgos island Greece...is a exceedingly superior christian church improved at the Early Christian era. The old building has been made inside the object of another more than ancient building: an old house of prayer of the Pre Christian era. 2. Aghios Georgios Valsamitis faith on Amorgos solid ground in Greece (Cyclades). 3. Moni Hozoviotissa christian church on Amorgos atoll , in Greece,(Cyclades). 4. Panagia Kastriana minster on Amorgos island, Greece, (Cyclades)....a attractive light cathedral built on the top of a elevation. 5. Agia Pareskevi religion on Amorgos island, Greece, (Cyclades). This big faith looks a bit similar a cathedral. People of the small town of Agia Pareskevi had improved this minster to be defended from their suffering upcoming from the respective attacks of pirates...months after months ... year after twelvemonth...



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