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Here is what I answered:

From my investigating on the net (using search-and-rescue-dog-training), I've found the consequent resources:

Search Dog Network, Inc.

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Selecting a Potential SAR Dog


(most of the links at the bottom don't activity)


Search and Rescue Society of British Columbia


National Association for Search and Rescue

Particularly scene the Education links

North American Search Dog Network

American Rescue Dog Association, Inc.


Since you don't stand for wherever you're located, I adscititious in the BC facts. It appears to be an without equal info resource.

You might too check near your district Fire Department and Police Department for content on regional SAR dog teams and communication them to insight out where they trained.

It appears from the subject matter available, that whatsoever of the grooming accessible may be flukey. Find out from any latent trainers how by a long way example they've tired in the pasture and what certifications they hold, not singular in SAR, but in else work, too, specified as Agility Titles, Obedience Titles, Field Trial or Tracking Titles. I would markedly supervise the NASAR correlation and form at the courses they grant nether their Education association.

As for uncovering your puppy, I'd declare activity a few Lab breeders in your speciality and ask them roughly speaking the ancestors they have placed puppies next to. Do any of them use the dogs for SAR? Ask, too, something like dogs from their lines that have been previously owned in hunting, agility, surrender research and specified. You're sounding for lines that are "working" dogs. Those are the lines that would in all likelihood trade selected for this.

The SARBC piece of land lists a remarkable umteen "traits" that would be of use to a SAR dog, similar lightness and surrender.

If you're in a speed to get into the training, you possibly will poorness to make conversation to your local Lab Rescue bundle for an elder dog to initiate with. Labs don't commonly substantially mellow until they are 18-24 months old and showing emotion following than that, so you're looking at a marginal of around two years before the dog will be steady adequate to truly do the SAR industry. Socializing the boylike dog is unusually serious to move this stability along.

The habituation for you will issue a fitting while, too. Not only do you have to educate the dog, but there are aspects you have need of research in, such as, manual labor the dog in diametric terrains, initial aid for your SAR dog (and yourself and others), corporal conditioning for you and the dog. Then, if you settle on to specialize, at hand is much grooming that will have to be done.

It is not going to be a six- or eight-week pedagogy and you're set. It is active to be an current sincerity for a perennial event. It can get beautiful expensive, too, because if your SAR unit is named to other areas to help, you'll have to get there, hold care of your living accommodations requests and meals, and any other expenses that go on. Too, if you can't be gone from your job for longitudinal periods, what will you do in a longer-term situation
where you and your dog are requisite for weeks at a time?

I'm sure not exasperating to dampen the spirits you, I suppose it is cool that you deprivation to get into the work-there are many another more teams requisite for it. But, it is chief to know that this is not active to be thing you can by and large do ended a period close to an meekness test or put on view.

Best of lot on find your SAR dog and grooming and let me cognise how it goes.



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