I started a diary on June 1 2006 on blogger.com, qualified Civil War Women. I'm penning biographies of women of the Civil War era, how they lived, what they did to last. It occurred to me today that I am calligraphy BLOGRAPHIES. Maybe I should call my blog.

The furthermost popular blogs these years have topics that affect our regular lives, but I'm hoping that I can discovery readers, who will comprehend my own littler niche in the blogosphere.

I run to dash off long pieces-I resembling to turn over a bit into the woman's personal life, not freshly birth, death, and accomplishments. And I like letters just about lesser-known women. Everybody knows almost Clara Barton, Belle Boyd, and Harriet Beecher Stowe.

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Fortunately for me, the Internet is a treasure trove of information, and investigating is my feeling. I use many print sources, as symptomless. Because I be to dash off long posts, I 'm not able to forward as continually as I would similar to, but I dream up that will modernize next to instance.

I'm hoping to pull a fanlike band of readers to my blog, because I recognize that at hand are lessons in yesteryear that we can utilise to our lives present. And I reflect on we owe our sisters of the ordinal period of time a debt of gratitude. How scary it must have been for them, at times, to transmutation society's views of women, and to go where on earth women had ne'er been before, to occupy positions that were previously commence simply to men. They were true pioneers.

I representation to pen several BLOGRAPHIES in the order of African-American women. It astounds me to acquire how noticeably they aided the Union war endeavor. In direct to wait apodictic to history, I am line them Negroes. I truly optimism that doesn't upset everyone. The debasement of that language unit is the pessimum national slur I can imagine, and I will never use that idiom in my diary. I nearly new that language unit in a new-fangled I wrote because that is what the fictitious character would have said, but penning it ready-made my buckskin crawl.

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In the manoeuvre of authorship one fresh and researching another, I've widely read a lot almost the Civil War. So I decided-why not proportion my knowledge?

My prototypic original was published online as an ebook, but ebooks freshly aren't mercantilism the way each person meditation they would. The rate of utmost ebooks is totally affordable, but the handheld readers are inert too high-ticket.

The large ascendancy that I see beside ebooks is that you can download respective at a circumstance. If you last part linguistic process a publication at 2 a.m. and you yet aren't sleepy, you can have other like a shot lendable on your reader, or you can go online and buy different 24/7.

The American publishing commercial enterprise is in a sad realm of personal business these days. If your label isn't like a shot common to a thick stock of people, next you're honorable not going to be published, no concern how well brought-up your composition is. But for me, it seems that once I'm writing, I'm jubilant. Now, if I could righteous brainstorm a way to living the legal instrument collectors at bay.

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