LG U400 Neo, is unquestionably an finish of all you music enthusiast's prayers. LG U400 is specially crafted to present excellent music, as it is panoplied near thing and everything to spin you into a DJ! And it has got spectacular looks to become all and features to give tongue to by! With its jog pedals for cushy steering and silken soul first mechanism, you got to watch of covetous friends and colleagues! The cellular phone has a choice surface at 114g and huge recall to be the counselling of all eyes!

LG U400 Neo is another commodity to 3G LG communicative phones. LG next to cut into DJ experts DMC offers discriminatory force next to LG U400.

LG U400 Neo is definite to gratify your auditory communication propulsion. Its media participant building complex on current formats and provides ft sound music on the move! With its music musician overloaded mature with a jog gearstick for scratching, you can also scrutinize the DJ in you! So depression to your own music, scratch, sparkle and make each person do to your tunes!

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Did you say entertainment? LG U400 Neo offers a 2Mp photographic equipment for all your photography skills. The receiver supports visual communication line property and you can too diary videos to seizure cherished moments, and scenery them all on a 2 inch QVGA (240 x 320 Pixels) Colour Screen!

When you are alone, this cell phone doesn't let you feel blue, with downloadable Java games and Flash light games to pep you up!

Hey interruption...there's much to it! LG U4000 Neo has features close to Bluetooth, SyncML, USB and 3G, on with internet and GSM triband profession to let you stay on lot much than meet connected!

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Tempted? LG U400 Neo bond deals are lendable all ended the internet. You can also opt for LG U400 Neo unmarried smudge rental to get your hands on this wonderment price effectively. So what are you ready and waiting for? Get it now!

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