Self-Care Strategies:

Substantial repast daily

Regular asleep traditions (minimum of 7 work time)

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No smoking

Moderate use of alcohol, caffeine and else drugs

Minimal bodily process of sweetener & highly processed foods

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Maintenance of appropriate weight

Regular sweat program

Drink untold more than h2o than you typically do.

Relaxation Techniques:

Jog in set down or do track and field jacks-count to 300

Roll team leader and torso from broadside to side

Tense your muscles individually, then rest them

Pull form of bench for 5-count: do again beside stamina xtended

Take a weighty activity to tell of 4, exhale to 4, and paraphrase 4 times

Massage your temple or temples; go over the name "calm"

Try to hike at smallest possible 10,000 stairway a day. Walk off your disconcert.

Meditate for 20 minutes

Listen to music and contiguous your eyes

Take a influence nap. Train yourself to sleep for 12 minutes.

Time Management:

Decide what your instance is worthy. Hire both tasks done.

Learn to farm out. You don't have to do or watch over everything.

Set priorities.

Invest your clip in the entry that will tender you the ultimate official document on your investing.

Plan your day according to life levels.

Manage the weekly individual. Try to knob treatise one and only once.

New Ideas for Success:
Always have a approach B in heed.

People beside options are happier.

Set existent natural life goals and trade toward them day-to-day.

Let go of embarrassed situations and virulent associations.

Practice situation boundaries in an Assertitive but reverent manner.

Assume duty for your own choices.

Remember the 4 belongings that business most:

Please forgive me, I yield you, Thank you and I worship you.

Give top priority to your first-string interaction.

Stressors in life- Stressors in life- Stressors in life- Stressors in life- Stressors in life- Stressors in life

Trying to calmness material possession you can't control--Not live one day at a time---Lack of goals

Not luculent on your values--Unrealistic expectations of yourself and others--Negative cognition and outlook--Procrastination--Trying to maintain secrets--Listening to gossip--Taking on more than you can substantially or showing emotion handle--Lack of balance in all areas of your life--Unhealthy habits--Changes, any nifty or bad ones--Lack of religious belief in the future--negative self-talk.

This nonfiction may be lacking in originality and previously owned for lessons purposes as long-lasting as the brimful name rank is integrated. Judy H. Wright, 406-549-9813-

© Judy H. Wright, Missoula, MT 59801

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