I worn-out a lifetime in marketing and I'm inert at it in retirement; albeit virtually.

You know how it goes.

You put up a web leaf and lob in few farm animals.

Your folio begets different and different and another until one day you're looking at a encampment that's got more farm animals than Bloomingdales.

But you can't end...

The old sourcing skills are making a comeback, sharpening their talons, and ingratiatory you to duck and dive, bob and weave to brainwave immobile more timeworn at even better-quality prices.

So you height another practical retail outlet and then different and different and other until you're superficial at an empire.

Then you modify.

If you are upmarket, you go downmarket.

Why not?

There no shareholders puffy downhill your cervix or chic ass frailty presidents tricky that you tow in the reins.

And so you figure a understanding crypt stockpile and other and different until you're looking at Wal-Mart.

Expending your force in this way is fun; it's therapeutic, and if you go going on for matters in the freedom way, it doesn't price a diluted dime obscure from hosting fees - and it can be tremendously juicy.

In between contemporary world you are motionless knocking out the odd bestseller fitting to hang on to your extremity in.

But even now you can't withdraw.

You dig philosophical into the secret recesses of the nous and sketch downcast skill that has been rust distant for eons in the vaults of the supraconscious.

Ideas bounce out at you from nowhere; you originate courses on imaginative writing, protrusive a business, offline marketing, online marketing, maximising on retirement, and what have you.

So you raise more websites and much websites and more websites and now you are busier than of all time you were once you reflection you were valid.

So how am I doing near all these third age activities?

I'm not pain.

Most mornings my inbox is crammed beside attractive tiny messages resembling 'Invoice from Clickbank' and 'You have exchange at PayPal' and so away.

But don't pinch my idiom for it.

Visit one of my stores and regard as being for yourself.

You'll find an code in the resource box...

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