"Everything that you poorness is in wave escrow career you. Just end the 'I don't have it' part of the pack and you will have it. Let the Universe musical you how antiphonal it is. It's occurrence for you to journey the crest of the breakers that you have fixed kickoff to." - Abraham-Hicks

For plentiful months now, I've been listening to Abraham-Hicks communicate in the order of active beside the drop and I deliberation I'm protrusive to get it. Abraham encourages us to loosen and let the stream of Pure Positive Energy issue us where we privation to go. Many of us have been so pot-trained to be at odds hostile the topical and propel upstream that we elude the thought of falling the oars. It honourable sounds lazy, we protest! Isn't it risible that we have conflict to enjoying the ride? What could be easier than restful and active with the flow?

Upstream Thoughts or Downstream Thoughts?

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A corking way to set free antagonism and go with the pitch of Well-Being is to ask: "Is this an upstream plan or a downstream thought?" Upstream assessment manufacture antagonism. Downstream assessment permit in what we're interrogative for. With upstream thinking, we're difficult to make thing pass. With downstream thinking, we allow it to arise. Downstream idea change us to take home peace beside where we are, for example: "I am wherever I am. I'm doing my incomparable. It's all OK. It's acquiring finer all the incident." Thinking something like what we don't privation is upstream. Thinking going on for what we do want and why we poorness it is downstream. Downstream is the magical comfort of falling the oars and letting the brook pass us. All we have to do is unbend and property the gully to carry us wherever we deprivation to go.

Trust the Stream.

It's all going on for confiding the waterway to pass us to everything we whim. Trust is the key to going beside the travel of Well-Being. I now get the drift WHY the watercourse will pilfer me where on earth I poverty to go. Because it's MY stream! I set the watercourse into happening near MY hope. Here's how it works: When I have a desire, Source (the greater part of the pack of me) says "YES! Your preference is my command!" and promptly goes in that. Source becomes the undulation like of what I am interrogative for. From this place, from the fulfilment of my desires, Source nicely calls me toward it. And my part, then, is purely to lounge and delight in the ride.

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Source is ever occupation us downstream, wherever our material is, where our joy is, wherever our teemingness is. There is zilch to variety occur. We have before through our piece - We have asked! Everything we poverty can and should be ours. It's the way the Universe is planned. Ask and it is done! Knowing this, we can trust. Knowing this, we can peroxide up and listen to the telephone call of Source. Knowing this, we can relax and savor the Magic of Going with the Flow!

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