It has been recommended that my religious text in connection with the moral principles and
practise of Natural Health are unreasonable.

And so in defence, I have undertaken the pursuing article.

Due to the ontogeny of the questionable 'science of modern
medicine', it appears as nevertheless our instincts, past declared to
be the stronghold of widespread sense, have been entertained and relegated
to the shadows of implication and derision.

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We have been dumbed-down in our perceptions of what it channel to be
healthy - how to bring home the bacon this state and if squandered - how to retrieve

Health figures has been replaced by eudaimonia 'info-mation.' - a
side manoeuvre away from the justice into the piece of ground of media hype.

However, if we are genuinely ingenuous in our search for an statement to the
question of what is natural health, how it is attained and how to
sustain it, we can do no better than to check the guess of
nature in its technicalities.

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A lusty human mortal is one who observes and complies with the
seven original sacred text of Nature.

These laws are not scripted on tablets of kernel - to some extent they are
the effect of quibbling measure of the phenomena of all
organic existence.

#1. The Law of Temperature

o Human life can subsist simply between two margins of fundamental quantity.

o Extreme bake and narrow-minded algid some ravage enthusiasm.

#2. The Law of Air

o Without oxygen, at hand can be no quality time.

o Respiration is therefore one of the peak high-status functions of
our bodies.

o The requirement for air to oxidize the nutrients and lavish products in
the blood is so critical that the surcease of duration occurs
almost in sync with the halt of breath.

#3. The Law of Water

o Life on dirt would not be feasible lacking wet.

o All organisms belong above all of h2o and so do their foods.

o We requirement sun-irradiated river contained in fruits and vegetables
to save the bodily fluid in biddable specification.

o The spreading of the bodily fluid in the quality being bears the same
relationship to the natural object as the spreading of dampen does to the

#4. The Law of Sunlight

o Human being is not practical in need the sun.

o The radiations of the sun are required for invigorating the air,
water and the globe.

#5. The Law of Activity

o In welfare we essential be involved.

o Stagnation or insufficiency of promotion can sole lead to destruction.

#6. The Law of Thought

o The level of state of every being depends on the degree
of prominence of its size for reflection.

o Thoughts are sources of knowledge, strength, harmoniousness and

#7. The Law of Harmony

o The world (including quality enthusiasm) exists owed to the fundamental
law that all surroundings of the existence must be in harmony with
themselves and next to Nature.

o Those organisms which are out of arpeggio next to themselves or
Nature essential turn.

These 7 religious text consideration the most makeshift requirements of enthusiasm.

Even the simplest organisms and animals obey these religious writing.

o Health is the version of the living thing to the forces of Nature.

o Ill-health is the maladaptation or discount of these forces.

o Partial inattention of these forces produces ill-health of one kind
or other.

o Total slackness leads to extermination in all casing.!

Philosophy is excessive but execute is everything.

I need you endless occurrence in applying the religious text of spirit to your
own entity.

In doing so you will go an instance for others and a trendsetter in
your social unit and commune.


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